How to Measure Your Ring Size

Please note ring sizes may differ in different designs. Rings with wider bands will fit a bit tighter. So you can go up a size when purchasing a wide design ring. In addition, make sure that your finger is at its normal size before taking your measurements.

Method 1: Using a piece of paper strip or thread.

First, take out a piece of the paper strip, string, ribbon, or thread, and wrap it around where you wear your rings.

Second, when the paper strip starts to overlap, make the mark with a pen or pencil.

Third, measure the length you have marked with a measuring tape or ruler. Thus, you’ll get the inside circumference of rings and then place the measured size on the chart below to find your suitable ring size.

International Ring size Conversion

Method 2: Measuring a ring that fixes your finger well.

Take out a ring that fixes you well and measure the inside diameter of it.
Then place the measured size to the measurement-conversion chart above to determine your ring size.

Method 3: Using professional ring measuring tools

With the help of professional ring sizer tools, you can get the accurate ring size in just one step with no conversion.

1:Gauge finger measuring belt:

How to Use

Just put it as a ring on your finger and adjust it until it is snug but removable. Then read your accurate finger size directly from the measuring belt.

Tips: TOOL-P005-01(Europe), TOOL-P005-02(US), TOOL-P005-03(Japan), TOOL-P005-04(Korea), TOOL-P005-06(UK).

2:Ring sizer models & ring sizer mandrel:

How to Use

First, use these rings models to test the size of your finger.

Second, after finding a ring that fits you well, measure the inside diameter of it with a ruler or you can use a professional ring sizer mandrel to measure the ring size directly with no need for conversion.

Tips: There are many other ring measuring tools available on our website, you can search "Ring Sizer" for more choices.